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8551 Surname shown as Laing Jeffries, Frederick George (I1840)
8552 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Sturgeon, Josiah (I2505)
8553 Surname shown as Turner Willis, Walter W (I8594)
8554 Surname shown as Turrell Watts, Walter Richard Champness (I3152)
8555 Surname shown as Turrell Watts, Frederick Munroy (I3153)
8556 Surname shown as Wain Scudder, George Henry (I1829)
8557 Surname shown as Wain Scudder, William (I1762)
8558 Surname shown as Watson in 1841 census, Saxby in 1851 census and Jeffery in 1861 census Watson, Edward (I5595)
8559 Surname Sims Sayers, Clara (I4138)
8560 Surname Sims Sayers, Ethel (I4144)
8561 Together with his brother William Edward Rootes, he formed what was to become Rootes Motors, a vehicle manufacturing business which included many well known makes of cars and trucks including Hillman, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam , Talbot, Commer and Karrier Rootes, Reginald C (I9672)
8562 Twin with Ethel Idina Fleck (I5020) Fleck, Lily Bertha (I5023)
8563 Twin with Harry Wicks Jeffrey Jeffrey, Lizzie Rhoda (Twin) (I4306)
8564 Twin with Lily Bertha Fleck (I5023) Fleck, Ethel Idina (I5020)
8565 Twin with Lizzie Rhoda Jeffrey Jeffrey, Harry Wicks (Twin) (I4305)
8566 Two birthdates shown in register Jeffery, James (I8749)
8567 Two birthdates shown in register [Jeffery], Daisy P (I8750)
8568 Two listings in FreeBMD

FreeBMD Birth
William Wooder
Mar Q 1875
West Ham 4a 23

FreeBMD Birth
William Wooder
Jun Q 1875
West Ham 4a 126 
Wooder, William (I1355)
8569 Unclear why single daughter of Mary Ann [Jeffrey] (I3597) has surname of Fraser Fraser, Margaret (I3598)
8570 Visiting parents Peters, Elizabeth (I6590)
8571 Visiting sister Rose Selina Payne (I11279) Payne, Mary Elizabeth (I11287)
8572 Visitor to Edward May (I4677) and family [Gaved], Elizabeth (I4769)
8573 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Smith, Emma (I2361)
8574 Was a Weslyan class leader at High Lanes, Gorran, Cornwall, England for over 40 years Nott, Joseph (I4404)
8575 Wesleyan local preacher for over 50 years Nott, Thomas (I4424)
8576 William Bugg married Sarah Durrant on 25 Dec 1873 at St Paulinus, Crayford, Kent and they had 12 children. They emigrated to Goulburn, NSW, Australia in 1888 as William's parents, Joseph and Elizabeth (nee Chinnery) and his uncle Henry Bugg were already there. Henry had purchased land at Parkesbourne, just west of Goulburn, under a scheme started by Sir Henry Parkes, one of the founders of Australia's federation. Henry then helped to fund the passage of Joseph and Eizabeth Bugg and some of their children to Australia.The Bugg family were founding members of the Parkesbourne Methodist Church. Apparently, the Bugg family introduced blackberries to the area which are now considered to be a pest. The Goulburn area was hit by a drought in the late 1800's and with the depression of 1895 pushed many small time farmers off the land. William and Sarah moved to Sydney and settled in the Leichardt area. Bugg, William (I1295)
8577 William Henry Burch was an able seaman in the Royal Navy during the first world war and was one of 50 men who died from toxic fumes when the HMS Britannia was hit by a German submarine off Cape Trafalgar. Tragically this event occurred just 2 days before the signing of the Armistice ending the war on 11 November 1918. It took the ship 3 hours to sink and most of the men were saved but the toxic fumes claimed the lives of 50 and injured 70 more. His body was not recovered but his death is commemorated on Panel 27at the Plymouth Naval Memorial.

A record of his death shows :
Name : William Henry Burch
Rank : AB (Able Seaman)
Birth Date : 30 Aug 1897
Birth Place : Dawlish, Devon, England
Branch of Service : Royal Navy
Cause of Death : Killed or died as a direct result of enemy action
Official Number Port Division : J.30208. (Dev)
Death Date : 9 Nov 1918
Ship or Unit : HMS Britannia
Location of Grave : Not recorded
Name and address of cemetery : Body not recovered for burial
Relatives Notified and Address : Mother : Emily, 1 Court High Street, Dawlish, Devon

Burch, William Henry (I3070)
8578 William Nott, was born and educated at Port Perry, the son of John and Jane Nott of this town. For over 30 years he served the community as funeral director, being one of the best known and respected men in this part of the province.
A partnership with his father, John Nott, was dissolved in 1878, with William continuing the business as Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer and Undertaker. He operated this business under the name of the Jessop Furniture Co., for a time, and was a noted as a skilled craftsman. He and his staff were responsible for installing the new interior of the Methodist Church and auditorium in 1905.
William Nott served in the Fenian Raids and in 1900 was one of six local men presented a medal for his valour.
While a resident of the town he was a member of the I.O.O.F, and Sons of England Benefit Society. He was also a leader in the former Methodist Church in Ontario.
A pioneer funeral director of Port Perry, William James Nott died at the home of his son, W.E. Nott, in Winnipeg, on Friday, July 14, 1933, following a brief illness, in his 82nd year.
He was survived by a daughter, Zell Nott of Winnipeg and four sons, H.A., W.E., Jessop and Ivan.  
Nott, William James (I4880)
8579 Winner of Erith Coat and Badge, Erith Regatta 1909 Jeffries, George Thomas (I1621)

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