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8701 Shown as sister of Elizabeth Graham Jeffery (nee Summersby) (I10849) in 1911 census but GRO Birth shows no mother recorded which implies an illigitimate birth. Possible that Kathleen is daughter of Elizabeth and not her sister. Summersby, Kathleen Louisa (I10853)
8702 Shown as son of John Sims (I4127) in 1881 census but as grandson in 1891 census which is more likely. Parents unknown. Sims, Percy (I4137)
8703 Shown as son of William Coshall (I577) and Rose Saunders (I659) (who were married in 1896) but birth registered and 1901 census entry made under surname of Saunders. Saunders, George (I672)
8704 Signed surname as Hollandworth Hollinsworth, Charles John (I1039)
8705 States born 14 Nov 1933 Wilders, Doreen Julia (I8796)
8706 States born in Bow, Middlesex, England White, William (I4161)
8707 States born in Cambridge, England [Jeffery], Harriet (I6558)
8708 States born in Clare, Essex, England May, Harriet (I9636)
8709 States born in Crayford, Kent, England Wilders, Frederick George (I179)
8710 States born in Dartford, Kent Harris, Leah (I3150)
8711 States born in England Rains, Paulina (I4872)
8712 States born in Erith, Kent Cooper, Sarah Ann (I2325)
8713 States born in Erith, Kent, England Monk, Amelia (I7702)
8714 States born in Erith, Kent, England Lovage, William Watkins (I2262)
8715 States born in Iden, Kent, England Crump, Sarah (I10995)
8716 States born in Manchester, England Clifford, Susan (I4174)
8717 States born in Maresfield, Sussex, England Stevenson, Elizabeth (I5506)
8718 States born in Ontario, Canada Nott, Edna J (I4476)
8719 States born in Ontario, Canada Nott, Joseph (I4478)
8720 States born in Rye, Sussex, England Jeffery, William (I11096)
8721 States born in Southwark, London, England Noble, Mary (I10912)
8722 States born in Welling, Kent, England Rushbrook, Thomas (I1186)
8723 States born in Welling, Kent, England Rushbrook, Thomas (I1186)
8724 Surname recorded as Watling Whiffen, Annie Louisa (I6629)
8725 Surname registered in FreeBMD Birth as London Witsey, Beatrice Ivy (I3802)
8726 Surname Sayers Sayers, Ethel (I4144)
8727 Surname shown as Attree Francis, Florence Jane (I6530)
8728 Surname shown as Attree Francis, Ada Annie (I6528)
8729 Surname shown as Attree Francis, Blanche Violet (I6531)
8730 Surname shown as Attree Francis, Mabel Maude (I6532)
8731 Surname shown as Attree Francis, Beatrice Louisa (I6527)
8732 Surname shown as Attree Francis, Eardley Sidney (I6529)
8733 Surname shown as Barnett in 1851 census but living with brother in law John Barnett (I3489) and family Barnett, Thomas (I3494)
8734 Surname shown as Cowper in all records Cooper, Gladys Ruby (I7383)
8735 Surname shown as Cowper in IGI / Family Search birth transcriptions Cooper, Charles Raitt (I4140)
8736 Surname shown as Cowper in IGI / Family Search birth transcriptions and 1901 census Cooper, William (I2404)
8737 Surname shown as Dunmill

Shown as niece of William Henry Durrant (I706) and Mary Ann Clark (I826) but appears to be sister of Mary Ann although there is another sister Sarah (I3407) 
Clark, Sarah (I1074)
8738 Surname shown as Ferris Thompson, Fred (I12196)
8739 Surname shown as Hilder Coshall, Leonard (I655)
8740 Surname shown as Jeffery Wadhams, Rosina (I11098)
8741 Surname shown as Jeffery in 1911 census Parmenter, Thomas William (I3319)
8742 Surname shown as Jeffery in 1911 census Parmenter, William James (I3321)
8743 Surname shown as Jeffery in FreeBMD Birth and Parish Register Christening but Parmenter in 1901 Census and daughter of Edwin Alfred Parmenter (I3318). Not known if she is natural daughter or adopted. Parmenter, Mary Ann Eliza (I3052)
8744 Surname shown as Jeffery in parish register christening and 1911 census Parmenter, Edwin Alfred (I3051)
8745 Surname shown as Laing Jeffries, Frederick George (I1840)
8746 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Sturgeon, Josiah (I2505)
8747 Surname shown as Turner Willis, Walter W (I8594)
8748 Surname shown as Turrell Watts, Walter Richard Champness (I3152)
8749 Surname shown as Turrell Watts, Frederick Munroy (I3153)
8750 Surname shown as Wain Scudder, George Henry (I1829)

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