genealogy of the Jeffrey and Nott families
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UK Census

The first population census was taken in 1801 and was essentially a headcount for establishing how many men were of fighting age during the Napoleaonic Wars. Subsequently taken every 10 years thereafter with the 1841 census being the first complete census available.

All Censuses record names, sex, age, occupation and place of birth for each household member and were taken on the following dates

7 Jun 1841 - Ages for persons over 15 were rounded down to nearest 5 years. Place of birth was shown as whether in county of residence or not.

30 Mar 1851 - Exact place of birth shown together with marital status and relationship to head of household.

7 Apr 1861

2 Apr 1871

3 Apr 1881

5 Apr 1891

31 Mar 1901

2 Apr 1911

Scottish census are available by subscription from Census for England and Wales are available by subscription from the major subscription sites but free indexes available at and