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My Jeffrey Ancestors

The earliest known of my direct Jeffrey Ancestors is my 4 x Great grandfather John Jeffrey who married Lucy [Jeffrey]. They are assumed to have been born about 1760 / 70 based upon the baptism of their first known child, Elizabeth, in 1790. They had 3 further known children, John (my 3 x Great grandfather), born 6 May 1792, Mary, baptised 21 Apr 1799 and William baptised on 27 Mar 1803, but how did I get there and have I really got the correct family.

As my late father did not know his grandfather, all I have to go on are BMD certificates, parish register entries and census returns in order to build up my paternal family tree, so starting from what I know to be accurate and going back one stage at a time, the following shows the process followed in hopefully establishing my correct lineage. Copies of the various documents mentioned below can be viewed on the individuals own page.

My grandfather, Edmund Jeffery, married Eva Kathleen Elizabeth Durrant on 25 Jun 1927 at Christ Church, Erith, Kent and their marriage certificate shows that Edmund's father was Alfred Jeffery, a labourer. Interestingly, the certificate shows Edmund's name as Edward Jeffrey and Alfred's surname also spelt Jeffrey, these spelling variations in the surname become a regular occurrence with all documents encountered. My grandfather always used the Jeffery spelling but my father's birth certificate spelt it as Jeffrey and he and all is children use this spelling. However his brother Raymond used the Jeffery spelling whereas brother Peter used Jeffrey.

The 1911 census finds Alfred, wife Florence and family at Maida Villa, Maida Road, Belvedere, Kent showing the surname as Jeffrey and Alfred, age 50 (thus born about 1860), a lead press driver born in Blackheath, Kent. Normally, the 1911 census is completed by the head of the household but in this case it is James, the eldest son, who has completed the return possibly indicating that both parents were illiterate. Also James signed the return with Jeffrey spelling

My grandfather was born 3 Jul 1903 at Maida, Maida Road, Belvedere, Kent showing father Alfred Jeffery, an engineer's labourer and mother as Florence Annie nee Davis.

In the 1901 census, the family are resident at 25 Ebenezer Terrace, Gilbert Road, Erith, Kent showing Alfred, age 38 (thus born about 1861) a general labourer born in Lewisham, Kent.

Alfred Jeffery and Florrie Davis were married 6 Dec 1893 at the Register Office in Gravesend, Kent, England. Alfred is age 29 (thus born about 1862), a labourer resident at 65 Milton Road, Gravesend, Kent. His father is Frederick, a labourer but deceased at date of marriage.

So far, so good. I now know my great grandfather was Alfred Jeffrey born about 1860 / 2 in Blackheath / Lewisham area of Kent and was a labourer. His father was Frederick also a labourer who had died prior to 6 Dec 1893 when Alfred married - but now it gets a bit tricky.

I can find no trace of Alfred in both 1881 and 1891 census but in the 1871 census at 9 Davids Place, Greenwich, Kent, a Frederick Jeffery, widower, age 50, bricklayer born Greenwich, Kent has amongst his many children Alfred, age 12 (thus born about 1858), scholar and born in Lewisham, Kent. A search of GRO index for births around the relevant period produced only one result i.e. Alfred James Jeffry in Sep Q 1859, registered in Lewisham district and mother's maiden name of Johnson so I have found the correct year of birth for Alfred, son of Frederick and Mary Ann but is it my Alfred and where was he in 1881 and 1891.

Taking a leap of faith and assuming that this is the correct Alfred, the 1861 census shows the family again at 9 Davids Place, Greenwich, Kent with Frederick, age 42, a bricklayer, born Greenwich, Kent with wife Mary Ann and their many children including Alfred, age 2 born Lewisham, Kent

I have also located a baptism entry on 19 Jun 1859 for Alfred James Jeffrey in the parish of Lewisham which confirms his date of birth as 21 May 1859. Father Frederick was a labourer, mother was Mary Ann and family resident at Loats Pits, Lewisham, Kent so this all fits with the GRO birth entry, the 1861 and 1871 census and ,although ages are a little out, with the later censuses and marriage certificate so I am fairly confident that I have the correct Alfred.

The only other piece of evidence I have discovered is a FreeBMD death entry for Mar Q 1924 in the Dartford registration district which shows an Alfred Jeffrey age 65 at death which ties in with date of birth in baptism entry. This would also explain why my father did not know his grandfather as his death occurred before my father's birth in 1926

So some questions still remain unanswered. Where was he between 1871 census and marriage in 1893 and what happened to him after 1911 census and his death in 1924. The latter may be explained by a comment I received from a descendent of Alfred's daughter Charlotte concerning Charlotte's marriage to Leonard Arthur Garland on 23 Apr 1923 at the Dartford Register Office (where incidentally her father's name is shown as Albert Jeffries, a general labourer) that he was not present at the marriage "having left the family". So if for some reason he had moved away sometime between 1911 and 1923, he may not have been talked about within the family and why my father knew nothing about him despite his death occurring before my father was born. Additionally, Charlotte's surname was also spelt Jeffries in the marriage certificate, had she adopted a different spelling since the 1911 census or as I suspect in most of the variations that the recorder of the events simply writes down what he thinks it is.

I then turned my attention to exploring further the family of Alfred's father, my great great grandfather Frederick Jeffery who, from the 1861 and 1871 census, was born in Greenwich, Kent about 1820, had married Mary Ann and produced many children. I obtained a copy of their marriage certificate which shows the marriage took place on 7 Jan 1840 at St Paul, Deptford, Kent, both of full age and both resident at Giffin Street, Deptford, Kent. Frederick's father is John Jeffreys, labourer and wife Mary Ann's maiden name is Johnson

The 1841 census shows Frederick Jeffries, age 23, labourer, wife Mary Ann, age 20 with 3 month old Frederick residing at Giffin Street, Deptford, Kent and in 1851 census, Frederick, age 36, labourer, wife Mary, age 28 and six children are at King Street, Lewisham, Kent. Various baptism records were also found between 1845 and 1866 for ten of their thirteen known children with surname of Jeffries (6), Jeffrey (2), Jeffreys (1) or Jeffery (1) but all showing residence of Loats Pits, Lewisham, Kent.

Wife Mary Ann Jeffery died on 8 Feb 1871 at 9 Davids Place, Greenwich, Kent age 52 and between census in 1841 until her death, her surname has been recorded in four different ways.

From great great grandfather Frederick's marriage certificate, his father is recorded as John Jeffreys, labourer and 1841 and 1851 censuses show address as King Street, Lewisham, Kent. John and wife Elizabeth (born in Portsmouth, Hampshire about 1794) had eight known children and baptism entries have been found for four of them which show surname of either Jeffrie or Jaffrie with residences of Royal Hill, Greenwich, Kent and King Street, Lewisham, Kent. His occupation is shown as Boat Buider (1815 - 1820) and subsequently as a labourer. He died in Mar Q 1854 in Greenwich Registration District with surname of Jeffries.

Which brings us finally to Johns father, also called John and my 4 x great grandfather mentioned at the beginning of this article.........