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Variations in Surname Spellings

No doubt every family history researcher has encountered differences in the spelling of surnames. These variations often occur as a result of the recorder of the event writes what he hears and this is not disputed by the parties involved as illiteracy was common just a few generations ago, or perhaps the transcriber simply made a mistake. In a few cases, individuals have voluntarily changed their spelling or complete name to something more socially acceptable.

A decision has to be made on how to deal with these variations in a family tree program taking into account what was the likely spelling, how do current family members spell their names and the administration of the records e.g. search facility.

Where, as in my own family, many differences occur I select a "most likely" spelling and for living members I obviously respect how they actually spell their names. However this does mean that different generations may have a different spelling to their parents

Listed below are the other families where variations have occurred and and how in general they are recorded on this website.

The Baulsom Family

Variously recorded as Balson, Baulson, Baulsom, Boulson and Boulsom. I have recorded all as Baulsom.

The Coshall Family

Probably the biggest example of variations of spellings, apart from my own family, which makes researching this family more difficult. All recorded as Coshall as this seems to be the favoured spelling for current family members but variations recorded in various documents include Coshell, Colsill, Cosshall, Coseall, Coshill, Cosshill.

The Cremer Family

Variously recorded as Cremer, Creamer, and Creemer. I have recorded all as Cremer.

The Dunmill Family

Variously recorded as Dunmall, Dunmell or Dunmill. I have recorded all as Dunmill.

The Humphries Family

Variously recorded as Humphrey, Humphreys, Humphrys and Humphries. I have recorded all as Humphries.

The Lovage Family

Variously recorded as Lovage, Lavage, Lovidge and Lavidge. I have recorded all as Lovage.

The Wilders Family

Early generations seem to be known as Wilder and later as Wilders. Occasionally transcribed as Willders or Wildes. I have recorded all members as Wilders.

Married Women

Where known the maiden name is recorded as normal but where maiden name is unknown,the married surname is placed within squared brackets.