genealogy of the Jeffrey and Nott families
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Brighton, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boys, Harriet  c 1856Brighton, Sussex, England I11273
2 Clasby, Sarah Alice  Abt 1853Brighton, Sussex, England I3500
3 Holland, Elizabeth  c 1840Brighton, Sussex, England I12057
4 Jefferies, Mary Ann  Abt 1848Brighton, Sussex, England I2593
5 Jefferies, Thomas  c 1849Brighton, Sussex, England I2594
6 Jeffery, Affee Elizabeth  4 Apr 1868Brighton, Sussex, England I12061
7 Jeffery, Fanny  c 1857Brighton, Sussex, England I5983
8 Jeffery, Florence May  1870Brighton, Sussex, England I12062
9 Jeffery, Henry James  c 1859Brighton, Sussex, England I6229
10 Jeffery, Joseph  c 1824Brighton, Sussex, England I5981
11 Jeffery, Walter  1860Brighton, Sussex, England I5984
12 Jeffery, William  c 1832Brighton, Sussex, England I10294
13 Jeffery, William Henry  15 Mar 1862Brighton, Sussex, England I12056
14 Jeffery, William Mark  c 1840Brighton, Sussex, England I12071
15 Jeffrey, Alfred  Abt 1842Brighton, Sussex, England I3499
16 Miles, Henry  Abt 1860Brighton, Sussex, England I126
17 Owers, Beatrice Maud  1891Brighton, Sussex, England I2043
18 Owers, Ethel Letitia  1890Brighton, Sussex, England I2045
19 Owers, Walter Frederick  1895Brighton, Sussex, England I2044
20 Rhodes, Gerald Thomas O  1893Brighton, Sussex, England I9254
21 Rhodes, Thomas Alfred W  c 1864Brighton, Sussex, England I9251
22 Robinson, Fanny Jane  c 1836Brighton, Sussex, England I5982
23 Vine, Elizabeth Rebecca  c 1865Brighton, Sussex, England I12059
24 Weller, Mary Ann  c 1834Brighton, Sussex, England I6228
25 [Jeffery], Charlotte  c 1840Brighton, Sussex, England I7037
26 [Jeffrey], Jane  Abt 1858Brighton, Sussex, England I4239
27 [Jeffrey], Mary Ann  Abt 1819Brighton, Sussex, England I3597