genealogy of the Jeffrey and Nott families
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Rotherhithe, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allforth, Mary Ann  c 1879Rotherhithe, London, England I7108
2 Crampton, Mary Ann  1840Rotherhithe, London, England I8729
3 Gillam, Alice  c 1877Rotherhithe, London, England I10531
4 Godwyn, Alice Susannah  c 1874Rotherhithe, London, England I8157
5 Jeffery, Albert John F  1874Rotherhithe, London, England I11502
6 Jeffery, Annie Alice  1879Rotherhithe, London, England I11188
7 Jeffery, Benjamin Edward  22 Aug 1883Rotherhithe, London, England I7100
8 Jeffery, Charles Henry  c 1883Rotherhithe, London, England I6347
9 Jeffery, Charles Henry  1884Rotherhithe, London, England I11189
10 Jeffery, Edward Arthur  1902Rotherhithe, London, England I10000
11 Jeffery, Eliza Jane  1877Rotherhithe, London, England I11187
12 Jeffery, Elizabeth Angelina  1871Rotherhithe, London, England I11184
13 Jeffery, Ellen Mary  1881Rotherhithe, London, England I11182
14 Jeffery, Elsie  c 1896Rotherhithe, London, England I7916
15 Jeffery, Emma Louisa  1873Rotherhithe, London, England I11185
16 Jeffery, Ernest I  c 1883Rotherhithe, London, England I6299
17 Jeffery, Ernest James  c 1883Rotherhithe, London, England I5675
18 Jeffery, Florence  11 Apr 1910Rotherhithe, London, England I11193
19 Jeffery, Florence Grace  c 1885Rotherhithe, London, England I5676
20 Jeffery, Florence Grace  1886Rotherhithe, London, England I6296
21 Jeffery, James Herbert  1908Rotherhithe, London, England I11198
22 Jeffery, Lily Ethel  1905Rotherhithe, London, England I10001
23 Jeffery, Lily Selina  1890Rotherhithe, London, England I11183
24 Jeffery, Lizzie E  c 1879Rotherhithe, London, England I6295
25 Jeffery, Louis Charles  1878Rotherhithe, London, England I7923
26 Jeffery, Lydia Eliza Mary Ann  1890Rotherhithe, London, England I11510
27 Jeffery, Mary A  c 1878Rotherhithe, London, England I6294
28 Jeffery, Mary Ann  c 1878Rotherhithe, London, England I5674
29 Jeffery, Walter K  c 1881Rotherhithe, London, England I6298
30 Jeffery, William  c 1899Rotherhithe, London, England I8158
31 Jeffery, William George Fisher  c 1840Rotherhithe, London, England I10538
32 Jeffery, William Jabez  1875Rotherhithe, London, England I9997
33 Jeffery, William Stuart  1898Rotherhithe, London, England I9999
34 Jeffrey, Alfred John  1878Rotherhithe, London, England I10530
35 Jeffrey, Alfred John  1896Rotherhithe, London, England I10532
36 Jeffreys, Florence Beatrice  1895Rotherhithe, London, England I10359
37 Jeffries, Frank  1891Rotherhithe, London, England I10345
38 Robson, Rose Maria  17 Sep 1872Rotherhithe, London, England I7924
39 [Jeffery], Lydia  c 1812Rotherhithe, London, England I6276