genealogy of the Jeffrey and Nott families
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Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benham, Betty  1922Sussex, England I6091
2 Benham, James W  1919Sussex, England I6089
3 Benham, John  1914Sussex, England I6087
4 Benham, Peggy  1923Sussex, England I6092
5 Benham, Peter  1930Sussex, England I6093
6 Benham, Ruth  1920Sussex, England I6090
7 Benham, Thomas  1915Sussex, England I6088
8 Hickery, Dorothy Merville   I2855
9 Hide, Catherine Ann  Abt 1835Sussex, England I1437
10 Hide, Charles  Abt 1838Sussex, England I1440
11 Hide, Edward  Abt 1770Sussex, England I1441
12 Hide, Mary  Abt 1840Sussex, England I1439
13 Homewood, Ann  c 1831Sussex, England I6009
14 Homewood, Elizabeth  c 1822Sussex, England I6008
15 Homewood, James  c 1761Sussex, England I6011
16 Homewood, Naomi  c 1840Sussex, England I6010
17 Homewood, William  c 1801Sussex, England I6006
18 Jeffery, Albert Edward T  1880Sussex, England I3004
19 Jeffery, Alfred Edmund  1860Sussex, England I2757
20 Jeffery, Ann  1860Sussex, England I6251
21 Jeffery, Ann  1862Sussex, England I6252
22 Jeffery, Basil L  27 Apr 1917Sussex, England I9399
23 Jeffery, Charles Robert  1864Sussex, England I12058
24 Jeffery, David J  15 Feb 1932Sussex, England I12052
25 Jeffery, Diana  1841Sussex, England I6961
26 Jeffery, Elizabeth  c 1833Sussex, England I6958
27 Jeffery, Ernest  1887Sussex, England I11058
28 Jeffery, Frederick Walter  1877Sussex, England I3005
29 Jeffery, George  1848Sussex, England I3015
30 Jeffery, George  1855Sussex, England I5963
31 Jeffery, Henry  c 1831Sussex, England I6382
32 Jeffery, James  c 1797Sussex, England I6956
33 Jeffery, James  c 1839Sussex, England I6960
34 Jeffery, John  c 1826Sussex, England I6060
35 Jeffery, John  c 1846Sussex, England I6807
36 Jeffery, John Isaac Richard  30 Oct 1884Sussex, England I9397
37 Jeffery, Louisa  1859Sussex, England I10266
38 Jeffery, Lucy  1843Sussex, England I3014
39 Jeffery, Martha  c 1826Sussex, England I6381
40 Jeffery, Peter F  5 Jan 1932Sussex, England I12055
41 Jeffery, Sarah Louisa  1866Sussex, England I11577
42 Jeffery, Thomas  c 1835Sussex, England I6959
43 Jeffery, Thomas  1845Sussex, England I1682
44 Jeffery, William  c 1783Sussex, England I6058
45 Owers, Albert Henry  1901Sussex, England I3661
46 Owers, Mabel  1892Sussex, England I3659
47 Roberts, Iris E G  16 Jun 1930Sussex, England I11876
48 Robinson, Philip A   I8715
49 Wicks, Rhoda  Abt 1824Sussex, England I4289
50 [Homewood], Ann  c 1791Sussex, England I6007

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Benge, William George  1979Sussex, England I3908
2 Benham, Mabel Elizabeth Eliza  1967Sussex, England I1648
3 Blackford, Rosa Mary Davies  1856Sussex, England I1452
4 Harrington, Rebecca  1894Sussex, England I4579
5 Jeffery, Arthur Henry Wickenden  1977Sussex, England I11549
6 Jeffery, Arthur William  1973Sussex, England I11851
7 Jeffery, Diana  1857Sussex, England I6961
8 Jeffery, Frederick Walter  1878Sussex, England I3005
9 Jeffery, George  1856Sussex, England I5963
10 Jeffery, Joseph  1899Sussex, England I5960
11 Jeffery, Mary Ann  1883Sussex, England I5944
12 Jeffery, Sydney John  1986Sussex, England I11496
13 Jeffery, Trayton Edward  1974Sussex, England I11060
14 Jeffery, Trayton John Isted  1891Sussex, England I6954
15 Jeffery, William Mark  1890Sussex, England I12071
16 Jeffries, Joseph Tomlinson  23 Sep 1960Sussex, England I8987
17 McKean, Maud Elizabeth  1984Sussex, England I11922
18 Nott, Alice  1940Sussex, England I4978
19 Nott, Elizabeth  1916Sussex, England I4977
20 Nott, Jane Miners  22 Mar 1953Sussex, England I3924
21 Nott, Joseph  10 Oct 1901Sussex, England I4578
22 Owers, Albert Henry  1901Sussex, England I3661
23 Owers, Ethel Letitia  1900Sussex, England I2045
24 Owers, Florence Bertha  1909Sussex, England I2042
25 Owers, Mabel  1893Sussex, England I3659
26 Owers, Walter John  1939Sussex, England I1805
27 Robinson, Albert Walter  1985Sussex, England I5852
28 Shields, Henry  1913Sussex, England I2046
29 Wilders, Edward John  1988Sussex, England I7859
30 [Jeffery], Hannah  1872Sussex, England I6965


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benham / Leaney  25 Oct 1913Sussex, England F1219
2 Brazier / Jeffries  1945Sussex, England F2795
3 Frost / Muddle  1852Sussex, England F1265
4 Glazebrook / Haffenden  1879Sussex, England F1209
5 Haffenden / Jeffery  1850Sussex, England F1180
6 Hate / Masters  1877Sussex, England F1056
7 Jeffery / Adams  1877Sussex, England F194
8 Jeffery / Arnold  1914Sussex, England F2704
9 Jeffery / Box  1852Sussex, England F1145
10 Jeffery / Gay  1931Sussex, England F3019
11 Jeffery / Holland  15 Dec 1860Sussex, England F3021
12 Jeffery / Knight  1860Sussex, England F1432
13 Jeffery / McKean  1920Sussex, England F2971
14 Jeffery / Robinson  1856Sussex, England F1193
15 Jeffery / Soffner  1930Sussex, England F3022
16 Jeffery / Vine  1888Sussex, England F3023
17 Jeffery / Weller  1857Sussex, England F1259
18 Jeffrey / Clasby  1871Sussex, England F414
19 Poynton / Jeffery  1918Sussex, England F2972
20 Rhodes / Kellan  1892Sussex, England F2157
21 Roberts / Jeffery  1927Sussex, England F2953
22 Robinson / Brooks  1950Sussex, England F2020
23 Turner / Jeffery  1889Sussex, England F1192