genealogy of the Jeffrey and Nott families
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Tonbridge, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Box, Jane  c 1830Tonbridge, Kent, England I5805
2 Brooker, Albert  1845Tonbridge, Kent, England I5838
3 Frazer, George  c 1845Tonbridge, Kent, England I6020
4 Frazer, John  c 1847Tonbridge, Kent, England I6021
5 Frazer, Margaret  c 1849Tonbridge, Kent, England I6022
6 Jeffery, Albert  c 1842Tonbridge, Kent, England I6385
7 Jeffery, Albert  1860Tonbridge, Kent, England I6026
8 Jeffery, Albert  1890Tonbridge, Kent, England I10392
9 Jeffery, Albert Edward  1892Tonbridge, Kent, England I9944
10 Jeffery, Alfred  1844Tonbridge, Kent, England I5576
11 Jeffery, Alfred Richard  Abt 1885Tonbridge, Kent, England I4246
12 Jeffery, Alice Louise  1894Tonbridge, Kent, England I9945
13 Jeffery, Anna  c 1849Tonbridge, Kent, England I6387
14 Jeffery, Arthur  c 1885Tonbridge, Kent, England I6149
15 Jeffery, Cecil Arthur  1897Tonbridge, Kent, England I9946
16 Jeffery, Charles Edward  c 1851Tonbridge, Kent, England I5577
17 Jeffery, David  c 1854Tonbridge, Kent, England I6023
18 Jeffery, Edith Mary  Abt 1887Tonbridge, Kent, England I4247
19 Jeffery, Edward Arthur  1905Tonbridge, Kent, England I10396
20 Jeffery, Eliza  c 1851Tonbridge, Kent, England I6388
21 Jeffery, Elizabeth  c 1845Tonbridge, Kent, England I6386
22 Jeffery, Elizabeth Harriet  1855Tonbridge, Kent, England I5514
23 Jeffery, Elsie  11 Sep 1899Tonbridge, Kent, England I10387
24 Jeffery, Emily  1897Tonbridge, Kent, England I10394
25 Jeffery, Ernest A  c 1896Tonbridge, Kent, England I5810
26 Jeffery, Ethel Martin  1891Tonbridge, Kent, England I11284
27 Jeffery, Eve  1857Tonbridge, Kent, England I6025
28 Jeffery, Evelyn May  1899Tonbridge, Kent, England I9947
29 Jeffery, Frederick  1895Tonbridge, Kent, England I10393
30 Jeffery, Frederick William  c 1865Tonbridge, Kent, England I10304
31 Jeffery, George  c 1836Tonbridge, Kent, England I6124
32 Jeffery, Henry  c 1823Tonbridge, Kent, England I6975
33 Jeffery, James F  c 1876Tonbridge, Kent, England I6820
34 Jeffery, Jessie  c 1874Tonbridge, Kent, England I6819
35 Jeffery, John  c 1830Tonbridge, Kent, England I6947
36 Jeffery, John  1883Tonbridge, Kent, England I10390
37 Jeffery, Martha Kate  c 1871Tonbridge, Kent, England I6818
38 Jeffery, Mary Ann  c 1847Tonbridge, Kent, England I5513
39 Jeffery, Mary Ann  1864Tonbridge, Kent, England I6027
40 Jeffery, May  c 1878Tonbridge, Kent, England I6821
41 Jeffery, Robert  c 1855Tonbridge, Kent, England I6389
42 Jeffery, Sarah Ann  1839Tonbridge, Kent, England I5839
43 Jeffery, Thomas  c 1781Tonbridge, Kent, England I5536
44 Jeffery, Thomas  c 1819Tonbridge, Kent, England I6383
45 Jeffery, Thomas  1903Tonbridge, Kent, England I10395
46 Jeffery, William  c 1821Tonbridge, Kent, England I5512
47 Jeffery, Young Kittie Pretoria  1900Tonbridge, Kent, England I10308
48 Jeffrey, Dolly  Abt 1904Tonbridge, Kent, England I4319
49 Jeffrey, Edith Amelia  1878Tonbridge, Kent, England I4302
50 Jeffrey, Emily  Abt 1853Tonbridge, Kent, England I3956

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